Sustainable development means leaving future generations as much opportunity as we have had, if not more.

-Ismail Serageldin

Visoko's responsibility

With its services, Visoko supports Finnish companies on a journey of sustainable development. Visoko has found the essential UN 2030 Agenda objectives and incorporated them into its sustainability programme until 2026. Visoko examines its activities in relation to the elements of the environment, social and economic responsibility. In addition, Visoko takes social and future prediction into account as a cornerstone and benefit when serving companies in promoting their sustainability work. 

Visoko and environmental well-being

Environmental well-being
  • Provision of services to minimise the adverse effects of the natural environment
  • Activating Visoko and other companies to preserve biodiversity
  • Continuous monitoring of Visoko's own carbon footprint
  • We promote more carbon handprints
  • We favour eco-labelled procurement and resource efficiency
  • We favour the sustainable use of digital services
  • Visoko has a Green Care Finland Nature Power quality label
  • Visoko has been involved in the STF programme since 2021
  • Visoko is a Lauhanvuori-Hämeenkangas UNESCO Global Geopark member company


Visoko and people's well-being

People's well-being
  • Provision of nature-based welfare services
  • Bringing nature close to people using digital methods
  • Activation of lifestyles that respect nature's carrying capacity
  • Adapting to climate risks through well-being
  • Measures to preserve biodiversity
  • Ensure the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development
  • Communicating local culture and its specific characteristics
  • We continuously monitor and communicate our own environmental impacts and promote awareness across channels


    Visoko and financial sustainability

    Economic sustainability
    • Encourages our stakeholders to engage in sustainable practices
    • In addition to sustainable well-being, climate change mitigation and the fight against deforestation in all activities will be taken into account
    • Engagement, training and responsible communication of staff and customers
    • Transparency of operations
    • Visoko operates as part of a good society and directs 5% of the product sales of its online store Silence series to support biodiversity in 2022
    • Long-term operations, measurement and monitoring, sustainability programme for 2026
    • In Visoko's innovative sustainability meter, "the new quarter is a quarter of a century"
    • We are members of the FIBS Corporate Responsibility Network






    Common successes

    Earning the satisfaction and trust of our customers and partners is important to us.



    "Most of the changes to the ely development project's work plan have been the extensive actual invitations to tender received by Visoko, which have enabled the conceptualisation of Visoko's services directly in the customer interface. Some of the offers have been made in English, so the conceptualisation of Visoko's services has also been implemented from an international perspective. Krista Keränen, Chief Consultant at Vision Factory, estimates that Visoko has managed to attract positive attention to the market at an early stage and a need that has been realised through real invitations to tender."

    Krista Keränen
    Vision Factory, in cooperation with Visoko in ely project customer projects


    "Designing, identifying and developing the digital path taking into account responsibility and sustainable development in e-commerce and social media marketing. Visoko has been sparred with both anticipation of the future, planning innovations and sustainability guidelines, taking into account the prevailing market. Visoko's extensive connections and the monitoring and sparring of the global, international market have helped to map internationalisation."

    Entrepreneur, business sparring from Visoko



    "I have been following Vuokko's journey since the founding of Visoko. Vuoko has had a clear direction and a determined approach in the development of visoko's services. He has strong basic expertise flavoured with sustainability and nature capital expertise, as well as a visionary ability to create in the future."

    Anne Porthén
    GreenCare Nature Power



    "Visoko's goals as a company are well in line with Methodix's goals and value base. Visoko's customer projects identified the essential questions for carrying out corporate responsibility analyses of organisations and mapping the sustainable development of the operating environment. Thanks to a strong vision for the future, eDelphi was a great opportunity to develop Visoko's web-based tools. In addition to the company's internal assessment, Delfoi foresight can be scaled continuously to the operating environment, stakeholders and customers, regardless of industry or company volume.

    In our view, the cooperation went very well and provided a solid basis for the implementation of joint projects in the future."

    Toni Stubin and Hannu Linturi, Metodix
    Delfoi experts in Ely customer projects



    "Vuoko has the passion and know-how to do sustainability work. He knows the entire service chain of customer work, from the emergence of new contacts to expert service throughout the customer relationship. Vuokko knows the field of responsible investment and skilfully and carefully organizes various projects.".

    Kirsi Tiusanen
    Carbon exchange colleague – On the way to carbon neutrality project



    "I've known Vuokko for over 10 years. Even at stages of life where many would have been cynical and embittered, Vuokko has been looking for solutions based on love and humanity. He has maintained his sensitivity and ability to see goodness and beauty in the world, even when bad things happen. Sensitivity does not mean nonsense and weakness – but strength, firmness, perceptiveness and analyticalness. These qualities are combined with Vuokko's expertise, experience and professionalism."

    Tuula Puranen
    Wilderness and Nature Guide, Nature Service Entrepreneur 2008 – 2019



    " Vuokko has a long experience of cooperation between companies and civil society. I warmly recommend him to anyone looking for constructive but effective cooperation on sustainable development and environmental protection. ”

    Eero Yrjö-Koskinen
    Executive Director at the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation in 2002-2015 and Sustainability Adviser at the Finnish Chamber of Commerce in 2019-2021.



    "Vuokko is extremely courageous, active and proactive in project management, customer management and contacting new customer companies."

    Heikki Susiluoma
    CEO, Hiilipörssi – On the way to carbon neutrality project manager, Visoko's partner company



    Thank you for the presentation, slides and recording! The content responded excellently to our needs: the slides were clear, the presentation sounded well, key issues such as responsibility, certification, legislation and especially the "benefits for companies" compilations coincide with the needs of the companies in our project and, for example, an illustrative wood pattern
    The elements of the responsibility program are well remembered. The company examples you gave also illustrated perspectives.

    Telle Tuominen
    Lecturer, M.Sc. (Econ.), M.Sc. (Econ.),
    Turku University of Applied Sciences



    "I've been following your content-based updates with interest and admiration – and at the same time your goal-oriented updates a bit even, for want of a better word, "positively incredulous" at your courage. When you write "The challenge of 100% entrepreneurship has been a really difficult market" ... I have no doubt about that.

    The industry is also probably just starting to open up better, and it's not easy for a pioneer.
    At the same time, I believe that the time and customer need are just right for what you are doing. I admire your desire and ability to go in the direction you need to go: absolutely fantastic work. Nature & well-being are also close to your own heart.

    Mika Luukko
    From the LinkedIn network