Responsibility is the order of the future

Visoko provides SMEs with an agile and cost-effective resource for strategic corporate responsibility. One of Visoko's aims is to raise awareness that corporate responsibility improves their market value. Meeting the Company as a Sustainable Investment criteria increases the company's reputation, brand and goodwill value. Visoko provides perspectives for implementing strategic environmental responsibility that bring risk management, anticipation of the future and opportunities to achieve competitive advantages.

Sustainability work is not a mandatory expense, but a benefit worth money. Responsible companies are on a more sustainable footing when preparing for a changing operating environment. The legislator gives minimum obligations to the work of corporate responsibility. Pioneering companies do more and get a head start on others.

The big ahead, the small behind, China and the U.S. as drivers of climate change

Sometimes we get to answer the question of why finland needs to react when the highest CO2 emissions come from China.

Recent policy-level decisions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions show that china and the United States, the drivers of the global global economy, have gone into climate action. Companies should also be involved in economic pioneers, and not among those skiing behind as emission reducers.

There are other reasons to choose to reduce your own emissions. We share one common atmosphere on Earth. Emissions from major players, such as China and the United States, are particularly important, but everything that everyone does matters overall. In addition to climate change, the world is threatened by loss of nature, which also affects people. Generational work is an important motive for climate work. We are also accountable to future generations.

In April 2021, US President Joe Biden will hold a high-level virtual climate conference, to which 40 countries (leaders of the G-20 countries responsible for more than 80% of global emissions) will also be invited to russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President, Communist Party Secretary General Xi Jinping. The United States has already committed itself to the Paris Agreement and will announce its own emissions target for 2030 in the near term. The EU has a target of reducing emissions by at least 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels. In September 2020, at the UN General Assembly, the Chinese President announced that the country had set a goal of being carbon neutral by 2060. Companies' investments and product development in a low-carbon direction require predictability of the operating environment. Interest in low carbon is growing as knowledge and confidence in predictability increase and big countries and actors go ahead.

Stakeholders' demands for responsibility are growing

Stakeholders require accountability. Employees choose a responsible employer. A responsible employer is committed to and proud of. Customers and consumers monitor their choices and ask questions about ethics. Suppliers are critically assessed, paying attention to themselves, people, animals, production facilities and numerous other things. The more transparently a company is able to open its value chain and communicate responsibility, the greater the trust it gains. The donors are guided by the Sustainable Finance Act, which is undergoing renewal. With regulations and guidance, financiers provide green funding on cheaper and better terms to companies that meet the criteria for environmental liability. Partners choose their partners on ethical grounds. In the future, operators committed to carbon-neutral methods and production will increasingly be accepted for contract competitions in the selection situation.

Visoko's mission is to add love to the world and create hope for future generations by promoting sustainability work and protecting nature and the climate.

Joe Biden holds high-level virtual climate summit, the EU has a goal to reduce emissions

Preparation of the Corporate Responsibility Act
Government report: Future initiatives on sustainable corporate governance and due diligence.

Sustainable Finance Act

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