OUR MISSION is to help people and businesses with the well-being of human

and a sustainable corporate culture, nature services and foresight.

Visoko's story

Visoko was founded so that our grandchildren also have clean nature and a good life. Visoko wants to reform society together with others in a more sustainable direction. We must have the courage to defend humanity and nature. You have to have the courage to be brave, to question and to ask questions. Renewal is based on the need for change – the need for sustainable well-being.

Beautiful landscape saltier and swampy in the evening light

Photo: Monni Himari

Founder of Visoko

In the beginning there was nature, pen and Vuokko - now one dream above all others; increase well-being, responsibility and respect for nature and humanity in the world. My story originates from ravens, marshmallows, the cycle of the year and the encounters between the world and people in the moments present.