Cooperation with Visoko

Cooperation with Visoko

Visoko is looking for a partner or cooperation

Visoko has aroused interest in the market and needs additional resources to meet the needs of the next few years and the tightening of legislation on corporate responsibility. Visoko is looking for a shareholder for cooperation, with a party interested in consulting or other possibilities for consolidation.

Alternatively, Visoko seeks boosters and growth by combining the work with a responsible, suitable operator for Visoko's management consulting. If your customers are asking for corporate responsibility, sustainability and future-proofing services, please contact us. Let's discuss what pooling resources could mean for your customers.

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What kind of party is suitable for the shareholding or cooperation

Do you want to become a shareholder in the growing sustainability industry?

Do your customers ask your company for sustainability services? Visoko wants to negotiate a shareholding, cooperation and investment in Visoko's business with you. For example, you can be a financial, IT, technology, consulting, training or communications company.

Visoko is a growth-oriented Startup that has been operating for almost two years and has a scalable, innovative and international growth market potential business. Visoko specialises in combining sustainable finance and ecological environmental consulting to bring benefits to companies through consulting, mentoring and training. The methods have been created to be digital, agile and scalable.

What a shareholder or partner company benefits from

Together, we can bring added value to our customers and an increasingly customer-oriented service chain. The shareholder has the opportunity to benefit from the development work already done.

Operators are needed in the sector, as the need for services will increase with future legislation. The legislative amendment supports the business activities of sustainability consulting. Different tools are needed: sparring, surveys, analyses, reports, sustainability roadmaps, visual visibility and communication.

Visoko wants to rise to the challenge and help SMEs in these matters – in cooperation with a suitable party. Anticipation makes sense for companies. In the coming years, the market will need specialised, scalable and competent cost-effective service providers.

Future legislative amendment

Sustainable finance, taxonomy and the tightening EU Corporate Responsibility Act will be extended to more than 50000 companies in the EU in terms of mandatory reporting – now only 11000 report on sustainability. SMEs will follow large companies in value chains. In this case, the need for sustainability services increases. Anticipating the situation gives companies that have invested in sustainability a cost benefit and an advantage. Responsibility is no longer a choice for companies, but a lifeline.

Why Visoko is a good partner

Visoko is a value-based company that reliably does what it sets out to do. Visoko invests in quality and listening to customers, reacting agilely to changing needs.

Visoko has started out as a pioneer, because legislation has not yet guided the work. The attention of companies has been on the challenges of the pandemic, the situation in Ukraine, the energy crisis and cyclical situations. So far, there is little competition in the market, because legislation has only forced large companies to move. Visoko's special expertise is in sustainable finance and ecological environmental consultation.

Visoko has developed its concept into practice with pilot customers and strong partner companies Vision Factory and Metodix. With the help of ELY development and bank funding, Visoko carried out an extensive 1.5-year development project. In Business Finland's Innovation Project, Visoko set out to promote innovative ecological and visionary activities that strongly take into account nature and environmental values, for example, through its online courses.

Through development, productization and business service design, a toolkit for sustainable well-being, development, financing, investment and anticipation of the future was created tailored to the needs of customers.

By expanding the share base or through an acquisition, Visoko is seeking a strong competitive position, growth opportunities and resourcing in the market. A company that enters into cooperation gets a reliable operator who has invested in development work as a partner.

Change from Visoko

Visoko's website is of high quality, including the English version. The company logo is protected by an EU trade mark. The certificate and responsibility programme, as well as references and marketing channels, can be found on the website. Marketing has been actively done on several social media channels. The company has a blog. Business processes are documented, protected and intellectual property protected by trademarks. There is no tax debt and the company and the owner have a good reputation and several references. Visoko has extensive networks and corporate partners, so extensive assignments are possible.

Currently, Visoko is working on EcoCompass and STF certification with the aim of getting both in 2022. Visoko already has the Green Care Luontovoima quality label.

Values lead the entrepreneur in the direction of nature and well-being

Visoko's values include acting with respect, benevolence, courage and transparency. Visoko is a pioneer in strategic change management, sustainable well-being and sector renewal. The founder of Visoko has a goal to narrow down and clarify what he does. The purchase of the entire sustainability business is negotiable, as is the current owner's contribution to it.

The values lead the founder's entrepreneurial direction more and more towards renewal and, in particular, attention to nature, nature health and well-being. With the shareholding or sale, the goal is to separate operations in terms of management consulting and nature-based services.

Management consulting requires resources to be successful. Shareholdings, venture capital and cooperation would be a natural continuation of improving competitiveness and good development work.

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Connection to nature is the key to comprehensive well-being and the cornerstone of Visoko's operations.

Ask more about Visoko, shareholding and possible investment in the company's business, as well as cooperation!