Social Enterprise label for Visoko

Social Enterprise label for Visoko

The Association for Finnish Work has awarded the Social Enterprise label to Visoko Oy

Visoko Oy has been granted the right to use the Social Enterprise label as an indication of the successful combination of business and social goals.

Visoko from Tampere was founded to reform an increasingly sustainable society, in cooperation with others. Renewal starts from the need for change. You have to have the courage to be brave, to question and to ask questions. We must have the courage to stand up for humanity and nature. Visoko offers strategic management consulting, training and nature-based well-being services. Thanks to digital methods, Visoko's customer target group is the whole of Finland and mainly SMEs and various organizations. The purpose of the company is to improve the well-being of people and companies through a humane and sustainable corporate culture, nature services and foresight.

Social enterprises can operate in any industry, regardless of the type of enterprise. The Social Enterprise label awarded by the Association for Finnish Work helps to identify these companies reliably. The Social Enterprise label can be awarded to a company that is founded to produce social good and that uses most of its profits to solve a social or environmental problem. It is also important to demonstrate the social impact of the business and to be transparent in its operations.

According to the founder, Vuokko Isokorpi, Visoko commits to directing a significant part of its profits to the development of the company and the goals of social good. The key objectives are at the core of environmental responsibility work. The certificates EcoCompass, STF and the Green Care LuontoVoima quality label guide operations and indicate the company's will to continuously develop quality.

Visoko's online store combines regenerative well-being, natural capital and sustainable development. In Visoko, it is believed that through the manifestation of aesthetics and a deeper connection with nature, a stronger will to protect nature and the climate awakens in humans. Visoko awakens people and companies to creativity and a renewing thinking about values and well-being. Visoko activates and educates companies in activities that support human well-being, biodiversity and climate change mitigation.

"We are on the side of nature and cherish the principles of sustainable development.  We want to leave future generations with nature and living environments that are as valuable or more valuable than we have received," says Vuokko Isokorpi, founder of Visoko. With its own example, value chains and cooperation, Visoko takes into account the prevention of biodiversity loss.

Biodiversity and supporting it are values that Visoko does not compromise on. In 2022, the company directs 5% of the purchases made by e-commerce customers to the Natural Heritage Foundation, which supports diverse nature.

"Visoko wants to reform society together with other actors in a more sustainable direction. Visoko wants to be part of a good society and does and implements important goals and advocacy work on its own best possible scale so that posterity also has clean nature and good conditions for life," says Niina Ollikka , Marketing Manager at the Association for Finnish Work.

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Niina Ollikka, Marketing Manager, Social Enterprise label, Association for Finnish Work,, 040 674 8773

Vuokko Isokorpi, Founder, CEO, Visoko Oy,, 045 668 7380

Companies that have received the Social Enterprise label solve social or environmental problems with their business. They use most of their profits to further their social goal. The Association for Finnish Work works to ensure that the appreciation of Finnish work grows and that Finnish work succeeds. Its task is to encourage people to choose work in Finland.

Visoko Ltd creates new agile ways of working, combining values and sustainability. The mission is to help people and companies to improve their well-being through a humane and sustainable corporate culture, nature services and foresight. Visoko's online store combines regenerative well-being, natural capital and sustainable development.