Well-being from nature

Nature-based the service supports the deepening of self-motivated nature experience, responsibility and values in order to
and control.

The research evidence suggests that a person who has had a great relationship with nature understands on top of nature and health activities.

– Tuija Brax, Secretary General, Finland´s Heart Association


We offer professionally and creatively implemented nature-based Green Care Nature Power welfare services for small groups.

Deepening the connect with nature

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Exposure to nature is worthwhile

We rely on authenticity and the unifying impact of nature. Nature power (work) well-being supports the goals of physical, mental and social well-being. The key is to promote health, quality of life and maintain functional capacity. Our methods are nature-based and certified. Multisensoryity is realised in nature when the customer experiences the experiences of their own sense of mind individually and when sharing these feelings and experiences with others. The deepening of the nature connection has been studied to be linked to man's desire to protect nature.

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Values and resources

Nature is key to wellness

Sustainable well-being

Our services intertwine aesthetic experiences, diverse sensory experiences, functionality, the ability to regulate social interaction and environmental experiences. Recent environmental psychological studies reinforce the importance of emotional nature experiences for environmentally responsible behaviour. It is good to emphasise environmental sensitivity, i.e. the empathetic ability to sense and observe the environment – the importance of senses, perceptions and imagination in the context of aesthetic environmental education.


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