Financial and natural capital kombo for sustainable business growth
Published: 09/21/2021
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The next big trend in business is to produce innovations that help nature with biodiversity, or biodiversity, as has been the case for some years now with climate change. How can companies combine financial and natural capital and develop measurable innovation combinations? 

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Jyrki Katainen, Chief Ombudsman of Sitra has made business innovation sites of business interest (Ellun kanat, Not cancelled webinar) the number one biodiversity diversity priority. He said that biodiversity is a new climate, meaning that it will gain equal weight.

Addressing environmental challenges will be the most important driver of economic growth in the world (Reijo Karhinen, presentation, 8 September 2021)

The Fibs Study 2021 shows that companies are slowly waking up to biodiversity. More and more companies have identified business opportunities related to biodiversity and started work to manage nature impacts. Investors are also interested in the impact of the business on nature. Climate change has already shaken up the money market, but when it comes to biodiversity, the fight against nature deequality will have the next significant impact for businesses.

The Carbon Exchange( an activity started with the Finnish Union for Nature Conservation project), which developed the service as a possible Finnish compensation service, developed the biodiversity/conservation concept alongside the development of a Finnish compensation model. Finnish marsh nature provides both a carbon sink and an ecosystem for one of the most endangered species, swamp plants and animals. I was able to participate in this innovative development group for 1.5 years. Although the mitigation of nature non-natural habitats is not yet on the business map to a large extent, it will be. 

From challenges to solutions, - innovation and co-development

In addition to nature capital solutions, co-dimensionality and monitoring are needed, just as climate change solutions have developed carbon calculation, carbon footprint and handprinting. The challenge in combining financial and natural capital is still what kind of indicators are used and how to get co-sable practices for target computing. How to define, for example, innovation actions carried out by companies, taking into account biodiversity and the impact on the natural ecosystem of a given area, for example. Carbon calculation can already be exported to the product level, to the enterprise level to the total calculation. Can things be comically combined, e.g. in the same way? take into account the change in the number of endangered birds over a given period of time and relates to innovation actions reported by companies that may have an impact on the ecosystem.

Co-development can be one help to innovation. Nature-environmental organisations have great expertise in matters. Together with companies, other parties are also involved in opening up society to new opportunities and results.

Help with the calculation criteria is also expected from global guidance. Whether or not there will eventually be aid from China remains to be seen. Investors have woken up to the value of nature's complexity. The biggest pioneers have woken up to explore the possibilities of combining finance – & nature capital. We are already seeing tenders, trainings, future research and webinars.

Finland is full of expertise in high technology, education and research, science and art. How to steer things in the right direction. In practice, money and sanctions speak and legislation ultimately bites. Companies are an agile force for change in society. The frontrunners react before anyone else and are always many steps ahead. Nature doesn't wait. Ecological reconstruction and rapid, continuous and regular work are needed. The consumption of natural resources has come to an end. Proactive activities that take generations into account are based on the individual level and the great transformative power of companies.

Visoko encourages companies to respond to environmental challenges

Visoko helps you complete the practical toolbox. Visoko helps to find a sustainable and profitable direction. The processing and development of biodiversity into combination solutions for natural and financial capital is still an abstract concept, but innovation is driven by investment money and its price and availability, among other things. Huge investments will be directed towards the green economy and ecological reconstruction in the next few years We need systemic change and it is under way and the signs are concretely visible. Anticipation is important. Sustainable finance, the reform of the EU Corporate Responsibility Act and global climate targets guide the direction and determine the pace.

Vivoko also has an innovation project funded by Business Finland – A quiet beauty in nature. It relates to the raising of biodiversity through aesthetics and digitalisation. 

Finnish marshes, those wild last wildernesses, contain a national story and mythology. They want to preserve what is rugged, beautiful and unique. Visoko also hopes that companies will be activated in the development of the preservation of nature capital with a common course platform. The project/course platform Quiet Swamp is expected to be completed on 2/2022. 

Visoko anticipates the future, industry regulations and events, as well as the links between them and the market and the global world in the big picture. It's important to look far away so you can see close. Trends and weak signals speak to the fact that "purpose driven" companies are gaining more and more place in the market.

I often forget for hours my favorite place under swamps and big trees. I love the smell of swamps, moss and silence. The dream beyond others is to add love and understanding to the world that it is our people's job to protect and protect nature. We can't survive without nature. – Visoko entrepreneur

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