Donation to the Natural Heritage Foundation from Visoko

Donation to the Natural Heritage Foundation from Visoko


Visoko directs 5% of its e-commerce purchases for the year to the Natural Heritage Foundations. For 2022, it was decided to allocate this donation to the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation's Activist Granny Grandma's Forest.

"Activist Grannies supports the conservation activities of the Natural Heritage Foundation by campaigning for grandma's forest. The aim is to use the funds raised to establish protected granny forests, which, with their stories, inspire more and more people and generations to work long-term for the benefit of our forests. Protected forests provide an important opportunity for recreation and hiking for grannies, grandchildren and anyone interested. As they grow, forests sequester carbon in their trunks and root system and act as a carbon sink. Old primary forests are important carbon stores, maintainers of diverse nature and our common valuable heritage." -Natural Heritage Foundation
The image is associated with the campaign.

In Visoko, it is believed that through the manifestation of aesthetics and a deeper connection with nature, a stronger will to protect nature and the climate awakens in humans. Take your grandchildren or child friends to the forest and it will be your best climate action ever. Let the child experience and sense the enchantment of the forest firsthand. Visoko supports generational work.

Visoko's customers can participate in supporting the diverse nature by purchasing the Silence products of the online store. The object is confirmed annually.

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