Visoko turns two years old

Visoko turns two years old

Our mission is to help people and companies to improve their well-being through a humane and sustainable corporate culture, nature services and foresight. 

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A look back at 2022

The founder of Visoko, Vuokko Isokorpi, sees bright opportunities in the future. Companies need a variety of help in promoting their sustainability work. Legislation supports Visoko's work. From 2023 onwards, the reform of EU legislation and ever-tightening regulations will be a lifeline for all companies to reflect responsibility through documentation and reporting. 99% of unlisted companies lack these measures. Micro and SME companies also need sparring and expert advice. Visoko meets this need. In the Ely development project, the chief consultant of Vision Factory stated that Visoko has already managed to attract positive attention in the market at an early stage and a need that has been realized through real calls for tender. Visoko has started to develop quality and customer experience in the early stages. Visoko also relies on digitalization and the power of collaboration.

The operating environment is challenging, but despite the situations, Visoko has strengthened its competitive position. Although turnover remained low, cooperation channels were increased, the company was developed and its competitiveness was strengthened. Good cooperation has developed with e.g. Hiilipörssi, Vision Factory and Metodix. The entire period of Visoko's existence has been marked by the challenges of the operating environment, first by the pandemic, then by the fears and effects reflected from the war in Ukraine, the rise in energy and prices, and the cyclical downturn. These issues have affected the operating environment of companies and delayed their investment decisions.

Development and cooperation to increase competitiveness

Visoko's ELY development project and customer piloting projects resulted in digital concepts for responsibility, sustainable development and foresight. This pilot phase, which lasted more than a year, ended in September 2022.
Throughout its entire operating period, Visoko has invested heavily in developing the quality of services and, through customer pilots, in developing the functionality of its concepts. Strong professionals Vision Factory and Methodix co-developed digital, online consulting concepts. The ELY project ended with good development results, and several companies of different sizes from different industries were involved in the pilot tender rounds.

In 2021, Visoko received Business Finland's Innovation Voucher and, as a result of its development, opened the of the website, Visoko's online store and courses in the spring of 2022. This development work continues, for example, in the development of the online store's meditative Silence series products, i.e. various nature trail videos, see here brochure.

The founder of Visoko, Vuokko Isokorpi, is currently surveying the willingness to buy a part or entity of the business. The listing can be found on the Company Exchange. For more information, please ask A responsible and growth-oriented company is suitable as a buyer of the property, and the concepts fit strategically into the service package. The acquiring company will receive all the necessary support during the transition period from the Visoko entrepreneur and, if possible, the continuation of cooperation in an appropriate way according to a separate agreement.

Benefits for the buyer:

– High-quality concepts of responsibility, sustainable development and foresight of the future
– Strong sustainability brand
– A better competitive position in a growing market
– Documented and replicable processes
– Increases the potential for international growth

EcoCompass certificate for Visoko 2022

The EcoCompass certificate is proof of the organisation's efforts to achieve its own environmental responsibility. The certificate is granted when the company has built the EcoCompass environmental management system and passed an audit by an independent expert. The audit assesses whether the organisation's environmental responsibility work meets the 10 criteria set by the EcoCompass.

The certificate is a means of verifying the level of environmental responsibility of an organization not only for the organization's partners and customers, but also for its own employees. The EcoCompass certificate is also a valued means of verifying the level of environmental responsibility in various tendering processes. Anu Hakala, EcoCompass auditor, Environmental Specialist, from the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Recycling Centre, says about Visoko's strengths in environmental matters:

"The company's mission is at the core of environmental responsibility work. Vuokko has long and extensive experience and know-how. Despite this, he has the will to learn more and more and be curious about everything new. Vuokko and Visoko operate flexibly and agilely. The world is a better place thanks to Vuokko and Visoko."

STF certificate for Visoko 2022

Visoko started familiarising itself with Visit Finland's STF programme in 2021, with the aim of obtaining an STF certificate. It was preceded by the Stairs of Responsible Tourism, Geopark Ranger training, Lauhanvuori-Hämeenkangas UNESCO Geopark corporate membership and the EcoCompass eco-label. Visit Finland aims to make Finland a leader in sustainable tourism by 2025. This goal is supported by the Sustainable Travel Finland programme. It is a tool for developing responsibility, but also a message to international and domestic tourists that the company operates in accordance with the principles of sustainable and responsible tourism. Visokon Green Care Luontovoima nature services is committed to the principles of sustainable tourism. It directs 5% of its e-commerce sales to charity. In 2022, the project will be the Natural Heritage Foundation.

Visoko's value proposition:

"We are on the side of nature and cherish the principles of sustainable development. According to this principle, we give more to nature than we take from it. We want to leave future generations with nature and habitats as valuable or more valuable than we have received. With its own example, value chains and cooperation, Visoko takes into account the prevention of biodiversity loss. Biodiversity and supporting it are values that Visoko will not compromise on." 

Visoko warmly thanks its customers, partners and organizations for all their interactions and the cooperation of the past year.

Companies are society's biggest positive force for change

Companies are society's biggest positive force for change

The last few years opened visoko's founder's eyes to the need to help Finnish companies and society in a greener direction. Visoko relies on a range of means of sustainable development and responsibility, where values are the basis and nature is a green thread. Responsible companies have been studied to be more competitive in a changing world. As the founder of Visoko, I have analysed the returns and profitability of companies as an investment destination over a long financial and financial career. Now that work is directed by a new motive. Profitability, profits and growth targets guide companies, but this must not happen at all costs, at the expense of nature. Strategic planning of sustainable business requires a long horizon target set-up and is not based on the pursuit of quick profits in the quarterly economy.

We need new thinking and looking in the same direction

Responsibility and ethical investing have always spoken to visoko's founder. In the financial sector, listening to one's own values did not materialise and resulted in a shift from the financial sector to the nature environment sector and further becoming an independent entrepreneur to promote the sustainable development goals of companies. Responsibility will be mainstream this decade. Millennials have researched the importance of corporate responsibility. This is reflected in consumer behaviour, work communities and the strong increase in responsible investment.

Visoko's customer promise is that Visoko will do his best and always do what he promises. Visoko is worthy of trust from its customers.

It is high time that we questioned the old formulas, the laws and bureaucracies and boldly set sail into new waters. Visoko values tradition, science and research, but above all it appreciates agile, changing world-considering activities and taking them into practice together. Visoko is neither a boring nor a conventional company. Visoko dares to be different and look at things from different angles. Visoko is curious, explores, maps, asks questions, challenges and visualizes. It is looking for a solution and is not satisfied with the easiest option. honesty isn't always easy, but it's rewarding to try to sleep nights well with your choices. Working together and listening is the key to success. Solutions must withstand daylight, be good for business, nature and future generations.

Forerunners have gone from words to deeds

Companies have the greatest positive transformative power in society. On a practical level, the forerunners have embarked on actions that safeguard both the climate and biodiversity. In the environmental theme, greenhouse gas emissions, energy management, water and sewage management, waste and harmful materials management and ecological impacts affect the above. It has been studied that companies need expert advice, calculation and indicators, tools, reliable compensation providers, training, communication assistance and partners in order to make practical progress in sustainability issues, Companies also want to benefit from climate work. Climate change requires action on a broad front.

Visoko is strategic support for companies with Agenda 2030 objectives

Visoko helps companies with the help of a strategic expert service to be sustainable, green and carbon neutral, contributing to a more humane and communal change in Finland by 2030. The methodology includes the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Vivoko has strong networks and it is possible to help more and more companies through cooperation. A net positive company comprises both carbon footprint and carbon handprint actions. Visoko encourages companies to be net positive, i.e. minimizing their own harms and positive climate actions and innovations. In this direction, companies are also guided by legislation and, among other things, by the potential of green finance that the future offers.

Visoko specialises in providing benefits from the Company as a sustainable investment and the Company's Future Development services. Visoko's Green Care certified Nature Power supports the implementation of strategic consulting.

Visoko's mission is to add love to the world and create hope for future generations by promoting sustainability work and protecting nature and the climate.

Responsibility is the order of the future

Responsibility is the order of the future

Visoko provides SMEs with an agile and cost-effective resource for strategic corporate responsibility. One of Visoko's aims is to raise awareness that corporate responsibility improves their market value. Meeting the Company as a Sustainable Investment criteria increases the company's reputation, brand and goodwill value. Visoko provides perspectives for implementing strategic environmental responsibility that bring risk management, anticipation of the future and opportunities to achieve competitive advantages.

Sustainability work is not a mandatory expense, but a benefit worth money. Responsible companies are on a more sustainable footing when preparing for a changing operating environment. The legislator gives minimum obligations to the work of corporate responsibility. Pioneering companies do more and get a head start on others.

The big ahead, the small behind, China and the U.S. as drivers of climate change

Sometimes we get to answer the question of why finland needs to react when the highest CO2 emissions come from China.

Recent policy-level decisions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions show that china and the United States, the drivers of the global global economy, have gone into climate action. Companies should also be involved in economic pioneers, and not among those skiing behind as emission reducers.

There are other reasons to choose to reduce your own emissions. We share one common atmosphere on Earth. Emissions from major players, such as China and the United States, are particularly important, but everything that everyone does matters overall. In addition to climate change, the world is threatened by loss of nature, which also affects people. Generational work is an important motive for climate work. We are also accountable to future generations.

In April 2021, US President Joe Biden will hold a high-level virtual climate conference, to which 40 countries (leaders of the G-20 countries responsible for more than 80% of global emissions) will also be invited to russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President, Communist Party Secretary General Xi Jinping. The United States has already committed itself to the Paris Agreement and will announce its own emissions target for 2030 in the near term. The EU has a target of reducing emissions by at least 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels. In September 2020, at the UN General Assembly, the Chinese President announced that the country had set a goal of being carbon neutral by 2060. Companies' investments and product development in a low-carbon direction require predictability of the operating environment. Interest in low carbon is growing as knowledge and confidence in predictability increase and big countries and actors go ahead.

Stakeholders' demands for responsibility are growing

Stakeholders require accountability. Employees choose a responsible employer. A responsible employer is committed to and proud of. Customers and consumers monitor their choices and ask questions about ethics. Suppliers are critically assessed, paying attention to themselves, people, animals, production facilities and numerous other things. The more transparently a company is able to open its value chain and communicate responsibility, the greater the trust it gains. The donors are guided by the Sustainable Finance Act, which is undergoing renewal. With regulations and guidance, financiers provide green funding on cheaper and better terms to companies that meet the criteria for environmental liability. Partners choose their partners on ethical grounds. In the future, operators committed to carbon-neutral methods and production will increasingly be accepted for contract competitions in the selection situation.

Visoko's mission is to add love to the world and create hope for future generations by promoting sustainability work and protecting nature and the climate.

Joe Biden holds high-level virtual climate summit, the EU has a goal to reduce emissions

Preparation of the Corporate Responsibility Act
Government report: Future initiatives on sustainable corporate governance and due diligence.

Sustainable Finance Act