Donation to the Natural Heritage Foundation from Visoko

Donation to the Natural Heritage Foundation from Visoko


Visoko directs 5% of its e-commerce purchases for the year to the Natural Heritage Foundations. For 2022, it was decided to allocate this donation to the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation's Activist Granny Grandma's Forest.

"Activist Grannies supports the conservation activities of the Natural Heritage Foundation by campaigning for grandma's forest. The aim is to use the funds raised to establish protected granny forests, which, with their stories, inspire more and more people and generations to work long-term for the benefit of our forests. Protected forests provide an important opportunity for recreation and hiking for grannies, grandchildren and anyone interested. As they grow, forests sequester carbon in their trunks and root system and act as a carbon sink. Old primary forests are important carbon stores, maintainers of diverse nature and our common valuable heritage." -Natural Heritage Foundation
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In Visoko, it is believed that through the manifestation of aesthetics and a deeper connection with nature, a stronger will to protect nature and the climate awakens in humans. Take your grandchildren or child friends to the forest and it will be your best climate action ever. Let the child experience and sense the enchantment of the forest firsthand. Visoko supports generational work.

Visoko's customers can participate in supporting the diverse nature by purchasing the Silence products of the online store. The object is confirmed annually.

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Activist Granny's Granny Forest – Natural Heritage Foundation (

Social Enterprise label for Visoko

Social Enterprise label for Visoko

The Association for Finnish Work has awarded the Social Enterprise label to Visoko Oy

Visoko Oy has been granted the right to use the Social Enterprise label as an indication of the successful combination of business and social goals.

Visoko from Tampere was founded to reform an increasingly sustainable society, in cooperation with others. Renewal starts from the need for change. You have to have the courage to be brave, to question and to ask questions. We must have the courage to stand up for humanity and nature. Visoko offers strategic management consulting, training and nature-based well-being services. Thanks to digital methods, Visoko's customer target group is the whole of Finland and mainly SMEs and various organizations. The purpose of the company is to improve the well-being of people and companies through a humane and sustainable corporate culture, nature services and foresight.

Social enterprises can operate in any industry, regardless of the type of enterprise. The Social Enterprise label awarded by the Association for Finnish Work helps to identify these companies reliably. The Social Enterprise label can be awarded to a company that is founded to produce social good and that uses most of its profits to solve a social or environmental problem. It is also important to demonstrate the social impact of the business and to be transparent in its operations.

According to the founder, Vuokko Isokorpi, Visoko commits to directing a significant part of its profits to the development of the company and the goals of social good. The key objectives are at the core of environmental responsibility work. The certificates EcoCompass, STF and the Green Care LuontoVoima quality label guide operations and indicate the company's will to continuously develop quality.

Visoko's online store combines regenerative well-being, natural capital and sustainable development. In Visoko, it is believed that through the manifestation of aesthetics and a deeper connection with nature, a stronger will to protect nature and the climate awakens in humans. Visoko awakens people and companies to creativity and a renewing thinking about values and well-being. Visoko activates and educates companies in activities that support human well-being, biodiversity and climate change mitigation.

"We are on the side of nature and cherish the principles of sustainable development.  We want to leave future generations with nature and living environments that are as valuable or more valuable than we have received," says Vuokko Isokorpi, founder of Visoko. With its own example, value chains and cooperation, Visoko takes into account the prevention of biodiversity loss.

Biodiversity and supporting it are values that Visoko does not compromise on. In 2022, the company directs 5% of the purchases made by e-commerce customers to the Natural Heritage Foundation, which supports diverse nature.

"Visoko wants to reform society together with other actors in a more sustainable direction. Visoko wants to be part of a good society and does and implements important goals and advocacy work on its own best possible scale so that posterity also has clean nature and good conditions for life," says Niina Ollikka , Marketing Manager at the Association for Finnish Work.

More info on

Niina Ollikka, Marketing Manager, Social Enterprise label, Association for Finnish Work,, 040 674 8773

Vuokko Isokorpi, Founder, CEO, Visoko Oy,, 045 668 7380

Companies that have received the Social Enterprise label solve social or environmental problems with their business. They use most of their profits to further their social goal. The Association for Finnish Work works to ensure that the appreciation of Finnish work grows and that Finnish work succeeds. Its task is to encourage people to choose work in Finland.

Visoko Ltd creates new agile ways of working, combining values and sustainability. The mission is to help people and companies to improve their well-being through a humane and sustainable corporate culture, nature services and foresight. Visoko's online store combines regenerative well-being, natural capital and sustainable development.

Climate change and nature loss are a threat to our health

Climate change and nature loss are a threat to our health

In Vivoko, the first cup at the forest tea ceremony is poured into nature.

Environmental responsibility and responsibility are an important part of Visoko's ethics. Vivoko respects man and nature. Visoko's founder sees fostering a nature connection as an important way to increase the will to protect nature and, at the same time, human well-being. Tuija Brax, Secretary General of the World Health Organization (WHO), says well in the Heart Journal 3/2020. Taking a child into the wild is the best climate action a person can do, and the actual generational act is to take a grandchild or a loan child into the forest. When a person goes concretely into nature, he maintains a connection and a desire to protect nature. They want to preserve what's beautiful.

Climate change and nature loss are a threat to our health

It is widely known that climate change is a threat to our security, our economy and the future of our grandchildren. Less is combined with the impact of climate change on health. The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the world and Europe's leading heart federations have been studying this for a long time. It is known that the work of mitigating climate change is also a health act. In the wider picture, climate change threatens our health as increasing viral and bacterial diseases, diseases caused by heat, rain, floods and storms, and health threats. There are many indirect effects. In Finland, when temperatures move on both sides of zero in winter, it affects ever-increasing falls. Our building stock, which is prone to moisture damage, will be severely affected by climate change and will therefore also be a health threat.

The coronavirus epidemic is also linked to climate change. Climate change accelerates the loss of biodiversity This is reflected in species deaths, which predispose animals to dangerous viral epidemics that migrate to humans, such as the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Where the eaver swallows went

For allergy sufferers, longer pollen seasons bring health problems. Climate change affects the health of people with long-term illnesses such as coronary heart disease and hypertension. Patients with severe flap failure or heart failure will be tested for blood circulation. As climate change progresses, temperatures rise and heat cycles get longer.

Biodiversity is a lifeline for the natural ecosystem and people. The effects of the pollinator deficit on food production can only be a sidesproduction in the big picture. Without suitable pollinators, the number of cleansing and preventing erosion decreases. Insects are nourishment for many animals, such as birds. For example, the number of eason swallows has plummeted by more than 40% in four decades. The cause is suspected to be a reduction in just the right insect food. The disappearance of pollinators is a disaster not only for nature, but also for humans, since 75% of crops need insect pollination. The world's food production will be jeopardised if the number of pollinators continues. In Germany and great Britain, we can already talk about outright pollinator loss. The decrease in harvests is already visible in Finland. For example, oilseed rapeseed and rapeseed yields have been reduced since the beginning of 1990 l. Black wine berries and cumin yields have also started to decline. Without pollinators, our diet will be one-sided. We're going to have to use vitamins to make up for this.

I often forget for hours my favorite place under swamps and big trees. I love the smell of swamps, moss and silence. The dream beyond others is to add love and understanding to the world that it is our people's job to protect and protect nature. We can't survive without nature.

Vuokko, founder of Visoko


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Life's unique tea ceremony

Life's unique tea ceremony

Add beauty to your life. Make every ritual of your chore

You can choose unique and unique things to live every moment. Just as everyone in the natural ecosystem has their own place and time, so do we humans create our own reality and unique story at every moment. Each drop of rain rain rains down on its own unique location.

Every human being has inalienable dignity. Man is part of nature. Every person has the right to enjoy life, provided that he does not harm nature and at the same time does not offend others.

Man is part of wise nature

The concept of uniqueness can manifest itself and become a reality through man's own inner world. Once you understand your own uniqueness, the divineness in you becomes a reality and you can live on trust. This requires full acceptance and love of yourself. You can't compare what's unique to anything.

We easily forget that we are unique and unique creations. We are trying to realise a caricature created by society that mimics the schem, grey and masses of what an ideal person is like. We humans have created rules, constraints, beliefs, formulas and laws around us that we live by. This can make life routine, performing, grey and meaningless.

Life is choices – every moment

When you let go and live in the rhythm of nature, confidence in your own experience and knowledge increases. This is not done by force squeezing, but by listening to yourself and your own body. Life becomes clearer when you make every chore a ritual, you focus on what you're doing. Learn how to recognize what your body needs for nutrition, mind and soul to refresh, and what kind of knowledge and skills you need to do the job in passing.

Listening to your own emotions, the weak signals of the body, awareness of your own wisdom and strength increases. Spend more and more time in pure nature. In nature, you open up to your own wisdom. In nature, you always get accepting and loving interaction. You can add beauty to your own life, going into the forest, being in nature. Nature gives a lot, but doesn't ask for anything.

This is what you can do by directing gratitude and awareness of your thoughts. You can choose your own attitude and your own actions, that's all. Do I choose the world of love or fear? The most important question a man can ask himself is, "Is this a friendly universe?" -Albert Einstein

What you focus on is increasing.