Sustainability and well-being

Visoko helps people and companies with well-being – through a humane and sustainable corporate culture, nature services and foresight.

We are a force for change that creates new agile ways of working, combining values and sustainability.

Our Services

Responsibility | Sustainable development | Anticipation


Help with the first steps of responsibility
  • Get help with your company's mapping and understanding of the materiality of sustainability functions for ESG (environmental, social and economic corporate responsibility)
  • Get sparring help to take into account the views of your customers and stakeholders on the necessary direction of your business's responsibility
  • Get help with lyrics and communication about responsibility
  • Ask more about our customized sustainability services!

Sustainable development

Sustainable development steps
  • We help you move forward with your company's essential sustainable development goals (Sustainable Development Goals)
  • We create a sustainability service map for your business
  • Ask more about our customized sustainability services!


    Foresight benefits companies
    • We help your company anticipate changes in the operating environment and its opportunities and risks
    • We help your business anticipate with digital surveys and forward-looking surveys, taking advantage of
      Delfoi the future method
    • We spar and map the situation of your company and industry from the perspective of competitiveness and development
    • Ask more about our customized Delfoi futures method services!