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Renewing services for sustainability and foresight 

Nature-assisted welfare services by certified methods

Work concerning responsibility is in great demand in our time

An ongoing dialogue between companies and customers provides feedback on changes in customers’ consumption behavior. In the past, the greatest pressures on responsibility have come from investors and financiers for large companies. The pressures are increasing, to affect companies and industries of all sizes. No industry can escape the effects of the greening of finance and the goal of carbon neutrality. Stakeholders are beginning to demand responsibility from companies. The more sustainable the operation, the easier it is to get financing, investors and business partners. Talk quickly spreads far and wide over social media and the “good clock”.

The most important driver for development is the measurable and transparent channelling of investments to responsible companies. The change in values is reflected in all levels of society. Environmental responsibility is already visible in the operations of many companies. The future direction for businesses is towards sustainable development and the promotion of the green economy.

Values guide action

Economy: The economy is a tool for promoting human development within the boundaries set by the planet. We can succeed only if the economy does not destroy the foundations of our existence.

Society: Fair and inclusive human development is the most important goal of progress in society. We can only succeed together.

Environment: The vitality of nature is also a prerequisite for human life. We can succeed only together with nature.

Scientific basis: Stockholm Resilience Center

Current topics and ancient wisdom

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Visoko's business on sale

Digital consultancy business and online course platform for saleVisoko Oy is for sale. The timing of the sale is 2023.Visoko specialises in environmental consulting and nature-based services, primarily through digital methods....

Donation to the Natural Heritage Foundation from Visoko

DONATION FOR 2022 FROM ONLINE STORE SALES Visoko has directed 5% of its e-commerce purchases for the year to the Natural Heritage Foundations. For 2022, it was decided to allocate this donation to the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation's Activist Granny Grandma's Forest. "Activist grannies support...
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Social Enterprise label for Visoko

The Association for Finnish Work has awarded the Social Enterprise label to Visoko Oy Visoko Oy has been granted the right to use the Social Enterprise label as an indication of the successful combination of business and social goals. Tampere-based...

Visoko turns two years old

Our mission is to help people and companies to improve their well-being through a humane and sustainable corporate culture, nature services and foresight.  A foggy day in the forest at morning A look back at 2022 Visoko's founder Vuokko Isokorpi sees...

Cooperation with Visoko

Visoko is looking for a partner or partnerVisoko has aroused interest in the market and needs additional resources to meet the need of the next few years and the tightening of legislation on corporate responsibility. Visoko is looking for a shareholder for collaboration, consulting...

Young people have a future

Young people in particular are concerned about the state of the planet and nature. So Visoko likes to listen to what young people think and what should be done about things:• People need to be motivated to think• Environmental laws are coming!• Not all companies have the capacity• Greener...
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Black swan surprises and teaches

Nature survives without man, but man can't survive without nature. The black swan arrived again It came uninvited, unpredictably, unsolicited - a global Covid-19 virus that spreads in various variants and is potentially the new normal even in western countries. Situation...

Anticipating the future as a success factor for companies

Foresight is a mandatory part of future success factors in companies and organisations. In anticipation skills, it is especially important to see different possible futures and the ability to understand the paths leading to these futures. Anticipation is all about...

Financial and natural capital kombo for sustainable business growth

The next big trend in business is to produce innovations that help nature with biodiversity, or biodiversity, as has been the case for some years now with climate change. How can companies combine financial and natural capital and develop...

Climate change and nature loss are a threat to our health

In Visoko, the first cup at the forest tea ceremony is poured into nature. Environmental responsibility and responsibility are an important part of Visoko's ethics. Vivoko respects man and nature. Visoko's founder sees fostering a nature connection as an important way to increase the will...